What is GRIPS?

GRIPS™ is an integrated Data Management system that enables you to link your packaging specifications to existing ERP, MRP or Stock Control Systems. This allows you to calculate Packaging, WEEE or Battery obligations and produce Compliance Reports in minutes.

GRIPS™ was designed specifically to help firms obligated under the European Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive (1994) and similar international legislation that was introduced in Canada and other parts of the world.

The software maintains control of all data onsite and ensures minimal disruption to core activities, while at the same time alerting firms of potential cost savings, enabling them to manage all aspects of their waste returns.

GRIPS™ offers unrivaled audit capability with its unique "click-down" facility allowing users to verify underlying data-sources. With its ability to manage WEEE and Battery reporting, GRIPS™ has evolved to become the complete compliance reporting tool and is currently used to manage EPR Reporting in more than 20 European countries, as well as Canada and Australia.